Build 4U Company History and Values

Our Approach

Build4U first opened it's doors in 2007 in Montreal, Québec and has since completed 100's of projects and made strong partnerships throughout the province. In 2017 we have decided to expand and relocate our office to Bradford, Ontario so that we would be able to cater to a bigger housing market and expand our clientele base to the GTA.

Our Story


Drive - Discipline - Dedication


Our drive for success has brought us where we are today and has left many happy customers in our wake. We believe in pushing forward and constantly drive ourselves to new heights.


In order to meet deadlines and fulfill projects every person has to play their part. We believe in discipline and strong work ethics which we always portray from our office to our sites. The harder you work, the bigger you build.


We dedicate ourselves 100% to every job we do and no project is too small. You will be guided step by step by our knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to creating your dream home.

Build 4U logo


Denis Aibouchev is the face behind the company, who with years of dedicated service and experience helped many families turn their project into reality. Denis has worked in renovation since 1998, and has amassed a wealth of knowledge that he is now portraying through his projects. With a degree in Architectural Design, it comes as no surprise that creating dreams is what Build4U and it's creator are all about. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date!